That's how it all started: with my dad's Super-8 camera and a few friends we began our filmmaking. We called ourselves CAMP, which stands for the intitiales of our first names. At that time I was about 10 years old. Check out the movies below and have a good laugh.

Geisterstunde (Realvideo), Kurzfilm, 2 Minuten, gedreht ca. 1983
Schwarzwaldklinik (Realvideo), Kurzfilm, 1,5 Minuten, gedreht ca. 1984
Der Imperator lebt! (Realvideo) - der Klassiker! - 11 Minuten, gedreht 1985
Making of... 'Der Imperator lebt!' (Realvideo), 5 Minuten, ausgestrahlt 12.3.1986

The movie above was eventually broadcasted by Swiss TV as I was 13. They also sent a TV team to our home to watch us produce special effects. Being in the studio myself and talking about the movie was quite an exciting experience. As I was 14, we also won the 1st price for young filmmakers. All pictures below are actual TV captures.


As my friend was getting a Commodore C-64 and I was still programming some BASIC on an old 16KB Philips P2000, we thought it should be possible to create the special effects we did before with strings, models, dia projectors, and stop motion with a computer. The first outcome were fancy titles for one of our movies (1989). Later, we upgraded to Amigas which were fairly good for 3D rendering. Before I graduated from highschool one of our first customer was Erich von Daeniken for whom we created computer generated 3D images for books and presentations.



This was the company that eventually emerged from the experiences above during my early college days. Before that I also did a company with a friend. We created a software for wine connoisseur entirely written in Pascal with a Windows-like graphical user interface. Unfortunately, it never made if off the ground. With GraFX we provided 3D animations and visualizations for architecture and construction. After a while I outsourced the modeling for the complex architectural models to Australia and India, which worked fairly well. Scripting of our machines was done in ARexx which was a scripting language similar to IBM's REXX. After a while I figured out that I actually liked the technology behind it more than the actual business. The ground was laid for my move to the software industry in Silicon Valley in early 2000.

Huebeli (Realvideo), Video production, 6 Minuten, 1999
SeWo (Realvideo), Kurzfilm, 10 Minuten, 1999